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Projects varies across many fields and in various stages of completion.

The tokenization of assets and securities has many positive implications in terms of efficiency, transparency, speed, and flow of capital.

Projects Secured


A security, whether a blockchain-based token or not, is fundamentally an investment contract recognized by law. Security tokens are referred to traditional securities like stocks and bonds, but tokenized on a blockchain for more liquidity and transparency.

~ Forbes


Tokenization delivers a wide range of benefits, such as lower transactions costs, transparency, enhanced liquidity, access to alternative sources of capital, decentralization and increased efficiency. All these while addressing the issue of scalability.


Stand-alone revenue generating properties like boutique hotels can be illiquid due to the nature of the asset. Security tokens representing a share of the business and property will unravel the real potential of the asset and allow prospective investors to own a piece of it.


REITs traditionally has been the cornerstone in the public markets. Tokenization will take it further as owing part of the entity becomes much more accessible and easily transacted, only then the true growth of it can take to higher grounds.

Oil & Gas

The Oil & Gas industry has not seen many companies being traded publicly. There are many reasons underlying this and tokenization might very well be the key to unlock the value for these companies and also for other to participate in its growth.

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Project Name 1

This is for service description. Digital Securities Tokens enhanced the traditional types of securities such as equities or bonds, using the benefits of blockchain and smart contract technology without compromising traditional regulatory compliance and investor protections. The alternative trading system, is the innovative market for trading these digital securities.

Project Name 2

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Project Name 3

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