ECXX creates new possibilities; connects high potential companies with investors by leveraging the blockchain


How Works?

ECXX is a digital platform  that offers secondary trading of digitized securities. ECXX allows the investment and trading of fully regulated digitized securities with structures customizable to each issuer. We provide liquidity and access to previously inaccessible parts of the capital market in a secure, compliant and cost-effective manner. All these, via ECXX’s platform.

ECXX utilizes blockchain technology and smart contracts to enable a seamless and cost-efficient token issuance process for digitized securities. Our platform enables a smooth interface with both our custody and trading functionalities. With our one-stop website, accredited investors (corporate) and institutional investors can achieve greater access to alternative investment opportunities that are not otherwise easily available. 

ECXX is in MAS Regulatory Sandbox Express for Recognised Market Operator (RMO) activity.

A digitized security is a digital representation of a security (asset) that can be programmed into the blockchain and whose ownership is traced in real time. It can be seen as digitizing an asset in the form of tokens. 


Our Vision & Mission


Worlds’ Leading Digital Asset Exchange


We aim to deliver the most trustable, secured and bespoke digital asset trading experience


Our Team

Branson Lee


Chong Kok Kee


Emlyn Goh

Finance Head

Roxanne Tan

Compliance Manager

Khalid Badib

Compliance Assistant Manager

Russell Tay

Trade Surveillance Officer


IT Manager