Gain exposure to alternative fundraising opportunities; raise untapped capital from a new group of investors

Attract forward thinking investors. Focus on your business, allow ECXX to provide the cost effective way of raising funds for you

For Issuer

Interested parties will first have a pre-consultation meeting with our Listing and Compliance team

Generally, we will look at the track record and financials of the audited financial statements, background checks, business practices, revenue generation and other relevant details.

Please drop us a message here

Typically it would take anywhere between 2-4 months. Some processes like document collation and structuring require inputs from clients and external service providers. For these processes, it is best to check with respective providers.

Different projects come with different complexity. Please get in touch with us for a non-obligatory  discussion on how to leverage tokens in your project.  Security token offerings are typically more cost effective than public offerings while combining the versatility of different inputs via smart contracts on the blockchain. 

There is no minimum amount, but we would recommend it to be at least about SG$5,000,000.

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