The hospitality industry has long been known for its branding and luxury hotels. The industry has been around for as long as humans are able to travel. The wealth created by the major corporations like Marriott, Hilton and others were accomplished by savvy strategies, financings and M&A. It is what created most of the wealth for Hilton from 1919 until the 1960s. The Golden Age of hospitality was from 1961 – 1980 where organizational culture and value creation were driven by luxury and service.


The next age of hospitality growth was from 1980 – 2000 with the exponential increase of air travel. Leisure and business tourists were commuting and looking for accommodation with hotels being the cornerstone of almost every travel itinerary. Tokenization could be the new age in hospitality growth. Many that missed out these specific investments in the early years could see this as an opportunity to own fractions of the specific hotel or groups of hotels. 


Tokenization will be able to provide fractional ownership without the need for tedious and manual paperwork. All processes are automated on the blockchain. Investing in assets that provide both property appreciation and business operations will be easy and seamless.